Valentine Party

February 7, 2009

This Friday I will be holding my Annual Valentine Party. It’s a ladies only event that started 16 years ago when all of us gals had small children and none of us (sadly!) had plans for Valentine’s. So I thought “why not have a ladies only Valentine Party?” I decided to make it a brunch – just in case a hubby did decide to take one of us out to dinner. We were 8 at that first party and it was a sit down brunch. We had mimosas, brunch and chocolaty delights, and Looty Bags (why should kids get all the goodies?). Well, it was such a success that the following year it grew to 20 people and I had to have two “sittings” – one in the morning from 9am-noon and the other from 1 – 3pm.

Now, it is a celebration of approximately 40 women – with people inquiring about it in November already! The ladies arrive dressed up and wearing lipstick to my home which is transformed into a  frothy,  magical Valentine world.

I hang pink tulle garlands in all the doorways – there are candles flickering (even in mid-day) cherubs and hearts everywhere. Sometimes I have a few pink and red helium balloons floating in each room and there are tablecloths and lace covering all of the  tables (even on the end tables in the living room.). Over the years it changed to buffet style,, due to the large group and the menu is pretty much the same each year. We always start off with mimosas – champagne corks pop and the festivities begin. I serve a couple of fancy cheeses, quiches, bagels and cream cheese, fruit salads (which I prepare ahead of time and place into clear, disposable plastic cups) and for dessert I make cherry tarts, heart shaped cookies and a huge, heart-shaped cake (I have a heart shaped pan that is approx. 20 inches across!). My looty bags have been different things over the years – one year it was little purple, marble tea light candle holders (dollar store!), another year it was red bath oil balls, yet another it was a package consisting of one red and one white taper candle. The key is that I always  keep the items to $1.00 or under. I’ve often melted chocolate into flower molds and put a stick into each one that so everyone leaves with a chocolate rose. Also, I always wrap them up….either in red cellophane or little bags or sometimes just pink tissue paper and ribbon.

This year I am holding it in the evening for the first time – it will be a cocktail party. So many of us have gone back to work, now that our children are teenagers and Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday so am still holding out the hope that some of us will be going out to dinner with our men this year.

I hope it will go over well. Hey – the candlelight will be more effective seeing as it’s at night for a change. There won’t be quiche etc. but I’ll have some fab finger foods and I’ll still make the giant heart shaped cake…oh, and my looty bags will be Valentine lip glosses in candy or chocolate flavors.

I’m really looking forward to it and I know my friends will have a good time. The one comment I hear over and over again is that they all feel like they’ve been tranported to another world- a magical, romantic, girly world….Magic – it’s my gift to my friends…what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Stay tuned for my upcoming Party Planning on a Budget booklet – complete with how-tos!


One Response to “Valentine Party”

  1. heeru Says:

    February 7th, 2009 at 11:16 pm

    First time i hear about this type of only woman’s valentine day party. No place for men in this female world for at least one day. Lol

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