A Baby Shower

January 19, 2009

Wow – a baby shower -a t this point in my forty-something life? Yes! my girlfriend Mary Ellen is expecting her second child – a baby girl (she had a boy now) and we are all so excited. I feel as though I am having a baby by osmosis….ohhh a brand new baby….those delicious satin cheeks- rosebud mouth, fine, wispy, silky hair. Everything is new – fresh and perfect.
I went all pink for the event (of course I threw the Shower – who else? I am the Party Queen). 1 1/2 dozen pink helium balloons (different shades of pink – different patterns) hanging all over the house – that in itself is decoration! Pink baby confestti for the table – little plastic bottles, safety pins, carriages, suces and rattles (awwww). We played a few party games – although I am really not a game-gal – but it’s traditional and I wanted her to have a dream come true shower. Her first child was borm prematurely so she missed out on a shower the first time around. Now, because her son is only 2 1/2 and she has lots of baby stuff (plus a friend droped off two big bags full of girl clothes) I thought – let’s go with food. I asked the 15 gals to each bring a meal that could be frozen so that dinnertime would be a breeze for her once our bbaby girl arrived. Plus – I alway s believe that Mama needs a little lovin’ – so we chipped in to buy her a gift card to a Lingerie shope where she can “uplift” herself once she tires of those floppy nursing bras. I think she was very happy.
We took many photos (I am also the Photo Queen…hey – I wear many crowns, what can I say?) with the 5 ft stork figuring prominently (I borrowed it from a friend who is a window designer). There was lots of laughter, good food and pretty pink cake and last but not least…Lotty Bags for the guests. Little pink boxes shaped like a baby bottle, holding a bath gel pack inside. Everyone needs a treat – right?
Our friendship is blossoming which is a treat for me – she’s a great gal who’s middle name just might be “Fun”. And there is nothing I enjoy more than throwing someone a party and helping make a tiny dream come true.

Stay tuned for my upcoming  $$ Party Planning on a Budget booklet $$ – complete with how-tos!


One Response to “A Baby Shower”

  1. Maria Says:

    Wow, what a great friend. It sounds like it was a great baby shower. I wish someone would have thought of having everyone bring food to my shower and giving me a gift to use for myself – since I already had everything I needed for the baby.

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