Why Does Butter Taste So Damn Good?

November 18, 2008

Ok – you just had to know that we were going to get to the food and weight issues. Butter not only tastes good, it makes me happy – like cream in my coffee (milk? Please!) fabulous cheeses and sauces of untold kinds. And all those kiddies treats – why are they so good? Cute little cheesy crackers with creamy, simulated cheesy dip…yes, I know I shouldn’t indulge in any of that, but hey – did you just come in from the park?

I try, fairly – somewhat – kind of regularly – to be careful, but clearly, my thighs would indicate that I am not careful enough. Now, once I get on Oprah, she’ll have read this portion of the book and she’ll see to it that Bob Greene will no doubt be sitting next to me, perched on the edge of his seat, ready to whip my seat into shape. I will be politely grateful but probably cursing him silently too…. Damn – there goes the butter!

I was the same weight most of my life – slim, healthy and oh yeah – much younger too. Then, co-incidentally I experienced three pregnancies all in the same year that I turned 40. Let’s just say that it was a rough combination of events: my thyroid was suddenly a problem and the weight just seemed to linger. I walked (not enough) and watched what I ate (not enough) and now I still have 30 pounds to go. I obviously have to “up” my efforts.

Now the other thing is that I love to cook – really love it. There’s just something about chopping a little of this and tossing in a little of that, a dash of Balsamic plus a few fresh herbs and of course, some butter – and we’re all set.

I don’t really have much of a sweet tooth but I love to bake – in fact, I’m known for it. I like the act of baking – it’s relaxing, a stress-reliever. You clear your mind to follow each step of the recipe because that matters in baking – it’s tedious, but in a good way – very Zen. You’ve really got to focus and keep your eyes on the 1/4 teaspoons (as I like to gently tell my friend at Daycare where I work part-time, who likes to bake with the kids occasionally, healthy doesn’t have to sound like a brick when dropped on the counter…). I bake for my kids, my husband and the people I work with. My kids are in fine shape; trim and healthy, but they are young and active and as my father would say, they have a hollow leg. Hmm – each one of them does. Must be genetic – though clearly not hereditary!


One Response to “Why Does Butter Taste So Damn Good?”

  1. Sandie Says:

    Butter, garlic and a little heavy whipping cream. My thighs reflect my love of the above combination. I feel your pain. Cooking is my form of relaxation, and of course, I have to sample…

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