Tight Fit!

October 3, 2017

A Sunday afternoon Baby Shower…what fun! Cute little cookies made to bring, gift all wrapped up sweet and pretty – now to get dressed. Easier said than done!

I slip into a skirt – ok, “slip” is not the right word – struggle, hold my breath, hop up and down is more like it. Hmm…why can I barely do it up? Definitely must have shrunk in the dryer. Next skirt – also terribly tight, pair of dressy jeans – a struggle. That’s when the panic hits as Hurricane Fit (as in, having one!) blows through my bedroom. A rainstorm of clothes begin to fly from my closet to me to the bed and a HUGE heap cotton/silk and polyester mounts, almost blocking out the window.

I find something that fits and looks cute (thank you elastic waistband!) but now, I have no shoes…it went from the dead heat of summer to cool autumn in the matter of a few days so I am scrambling to find ANYTHING appropriate. I can handle being a middle-age woman at a baby shower full of young beauties…but do not want to go as an “old gal”….might as well swipe on a load of blush and rim my lips with red lipstick, then!

I came downstairs as my girlfriend Barb arrived (we are driving together) and was dabbing my overly rosy face when she asks me if I am feeling ok. I tell her that I am dabbing my forehead because I was trying on clothes – she nods and gets it immediately. Enough said!

It seems that since my Dad passed a few months ago, that I gained a few pounds – I guess once the stress was off – so were the portion control rules! At any rate – I managed to get through the shower and have a lovely time (tight pants made eating treats VERY manageable – LOL!).

Needless to say – the treadmill has been dusted off!



June 15, 2017

Assumption. One of the great faux pas’s of life – and yet generally a truly innocent act. We think that we know someone so well that we can answer for them – and while that might indeed be very true most of the time…there is that occasional “Oops” that translates itself into an assumption (yeah yeah yeah – I know – “Assume – it makes an Ass out of U and Me”.
Now, sometimes assumption is dark and travelling on the left side of the road of life – as in; “certain cultures behave in a certain way “- just because it is “so” (um…SO wrong, that is!) other times it comes in the innocent form of an educated guess that someone you know and care about thinks/feels/wants what you think – and are pretty sure…well fairly sure… they do want.

A lot of the time you can be spot on right – and that can be so cool…but when you’re wrong – oooooh look out – not a great ending to any story.

So – what you should take away from this is:

Best to Never Assume,,,,it indeed can quickly make an Ass out of U and Me.


May 20, 2017

Looking in the mirror, I gave myself the “once over” before dinner guests arrived. My hairdresser had given me a cute blow-out and style (which instantly took 10 years off – thank you Shauna!)and I slipped on a funky – yes,I said it – FUNKY new top and i even took the time to swipe on some of that red lipstick that I’m famous for. Not Bad! I thought. I looked pretty cute and very pulled together. After putting in the unique bohemian style earrings that my son had given me for Mother’s Day last year, I stood backed. The delicate chains around my neck looked good too -simple and classic – not only a great “finishing touch” but they didn’t compete with the glitzy top I was wearing.The I paused to think of minute….

Wait a minute here – I don’t have any plain chain necklaces – all of mine have a charm of sorts at the end.

OM fricking G!!

I grabbed my reading glassed and slipped them on to confirm. Those were not pretty gold chains…those were neck bands….”chains” left by years of living – that’s right – WRINKLES!!
Apparently, I now have wrinkle bands around my neck…W-H-A-T? Are you kidding me?!! My next panicky thought was – Why, oh why did I wait until almost age 50 to start creaming my neck…my European Grandmother, in her heavy Hungarian accent, had regularly warned me from the time I was about 12 years old to Cream your neck – that’s where a woman’s age truly begins to show.
And by the way – never mind the damned neck lines – the fact that I needed to put on my reading glassed to see them…?
Oh Dr. Mark (optometrist extraordinaire) – when I call you tomorrow, you’d better squeeze me in for an appointment!
Meanwhile dear Readers – please forgive any typos I may have made in this freaked out emotional blog – my hands are greasy from the pint of cream I just slathered on.
Can this situation be saved or am I doomed to wear scarves and pose for pictures with my head head at awkward angle?
Funny thing is – none of this ever occurred to me because without a doubt, I so certainly feel in my mid-thirties and not one day over that.
Strangely funny, because my neck chains beg to differ!

Oh Sixteen

April 8, 2017

My youngest daughter accompanied me to the mall this afternoon – big surprise, she’s sixteen. As we waited, stuck for awhile in traffic, I turned to look at her perfect sixteen year old profile. Flawless skin(at least to my middle aged self) bright eyes shining as she talked excitedly, flipping from topic to topic as they do at this age. I didn’t hear everything she said because I was so busy committing burning this nothing – and yet everything moment, into my mind – into my heart.
It’s these little moments that are the most memorable, not the birthdays and graduations or other “firsts” in life. It’s these moments when you see someone…really see (and feel) someone…and that moment lasts forever – it’s as if you know it at the exact moment – fleeting and forever, all at the same time.

New Car holds me Hostage

February 11, 2017

Snowstorm on it’s way today – so I thought that I’d better run out and get the last few grocery items that I need for my Brunch tomorrow and as I am expecting about 20 people,there’s still a lot to do today.
Off I go and in scant moments I whiz through my grocery store with all 10 items in my basket – even without my list, I remembered everything. Yay! I am on a hot streak!
I pull the hood up on my coat to shield myself from the blowing snow and dash out to my car to load up the trunk. In my haste, I lay my keys down in the trunk (something I NEVER do) while I rearrange the bags and other junk that is in my trunk. Great – done! I slam down the trunk and then I hear it – that fatal click as the car self locks…something that these new cars do after about 30 seconds.
I try the trunk but no luck, still, I hopefully think “no worries’ I had double clicked the key to make sure that both front and backseat doors would be open…they are possibly still unlocked, right? WRONG. Actually WRONG WRONG WRONG!
Are you kidding me?? I have to get home, bake and frost cupcakes, put together a veggie platter and finish decorating the house!

No choice but to go back into the store and call my husband and being a one car family this meant him venturing out into the blowing snow to get on the bus and come and rescue me. Thankfully he only stifled a laugh and wasn’t annoyed – that made me feel better.
So into the grocery store I went to warm up and as I passed the vending machine, thought I’d grab a Coke while I wait.
You know what’s coming next don’t you? I open the can of Coke which promptly explodes and drenches the arm of my coat…sigh…I am starting to feel a tad bag ladyish now…My hair is disheveled and my my sleeve is stained with wet Coke.
However – 20 minutes later – in walked my Prince Charming and within moments we were on our way…although he was giggling and I was not – but I was relieved.

Se what happens when you rush around at the last minute?!

Turning Points

February 1, 2017

Turning Point. The moment when you you see people for who they are…or who they can be. There are those that we know that we can count on – they are always “there” – exactly when you need them, not only at those tough times in life – but at those wonderful times too. They are on standby to either rejoice with you or to enfold you into their arms.
Then there are the people who truly surprise you – they blossom at a moment’s notice and come through most unexpectedly and you find a heartfelt kindness and caring that you never knew existed….those people…those moments – always take my breath away and inspire me – fill me with hope and a renewed spirit.

Then there are those who surprise you in a different way…you believe they are there in the wings, waiting to hold you up or to cheer you on – but when the moment comes….nothing.

What a disappointment.

What a reminder that not all is as it seems, and that there is often a whole lot of talk and no real action. That always blindsides me. I think it’s because I love to have faith – faith in peoples’ word….but then again – words are often just that…words – nothing more.

Life is an ongoing series of lessons that somehow – even when you think you are old enough, have been around that proverbial block once or twice (or maybe more)and are sure that you have seen it all…guess what? You haven’t. Oh – maybe your eyes have seen it all, maybe your head has seen it all…but your heart? Now that’s the part that gets surprised.

Turning Point – means just that; the point in one’s life where your thoughts turn, your faith turns and your heart turns….and sometimes you are turned onto another path – leaving where you were, and with whom…behind.

The Shadow Your Smile

November 17, 2016

I am burying my Dad today.

How did we get here? A man who, until ALS imprisoned his body, walked a minimum of 2 miles a day – rain, snow or sunshine – and who worked out at the gym three times a week – physically fit and mentally sharper than most of us on a good day. Up until the very last day of his life he was still planning, inventing and learning.

He was an artist in the every sense – cartoon sketches filled the margins of the daily newspaper and covered not only the return envelopes of bills but also every napkin in the house. An accomplished pianist, he played in several jazzy bands from the forties through the sixties, and every evening before supper, he tinkled those ivories. The melodic notes would float out of the window and onto the street on many a summer evening, causing people to look up as they walked by the house. A favorite was The Shadow of Your Smile…each note of that song is embedded in the very fibers of my being…and today I am thinking of how appropriate that song is.

He never stopped “living.” At the height of his illness, when asked how he was doing, his standard reply was “Pretty good!”…even though he had become a prisoner in his own body. Dad always saw the silver lining in life and was not one who believed in problems, only solutions. He loved his family – we were everything – and he forever loved my mother like the 25 year old young man who first saw her, standing on the church steps at the wedding of a mutual friend. She was his lover, muse and best friend….I believe the term for that is “Soul Mate.”

He would constantly remind us to celebrate everything – and so I will, Dad…

…as I remember the shadow of  your smile.